Magento Mobile Theme Makgento

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  • All content is organized into a one column layout for a better mobile store view and is adjusted for touchscreen navigation
  • Opportunity to assign a custom Home page with mobile-friendly design
  • Opportunity to display list of products or list of categories on home page
  • You can upload featured images for each category on the homepage
  • Menu, search, account and shopping cart links available from any page
  • You can choose a list of CMS pages which links will appear in footer
  • Set custom size for the image resizes on category or product page
  • Set custom number of products in a row on the category page
  • Tabs on product page
  • Choose which attributes to appear in the attributes tab
  • YouTube videos on product page (first create one text attribute, and in the configuration set up the attribute ID). The values of this attribute should be the youtube video ID
  • Improved image gallery with gestures support and additional images in horizontal scroll view
  • Search results pages
  • Access to cart available from every page
  • Opportunity to edit information on any step of checkout process
  • Adjust MKMAGE Mobile Theme design easily as just HTML, CSS and JavaScript are used
  • Fully responsive theme

Now it's possible to take advantage of creating a separate, ideally fitted mobile version of your store with minimum time and investment efforts. MKMAGE Mobile Theme is easy and fast to install, configure and customize. Boost your mobile sales with your individual mobile website.

Launch your own mobile website for smartphones and tablets in your look and feel. Increase your mobile sales today! And also this innovative Mobile Theme is the perfect choice for establishing any kind of business or eCommerce website.

In order to make your theme visible on the front-end, please follow the instructions below:
1. System > Configuration > General > Design > Package

  • Current Package Name: your_desktop_site_package
  • Add exception - Matched Expression: iPhone|iPod|BlackBerry|Pre|Palm|Googlebot-Mobile|mobi|Safari Mobile|Windows Mobile|Android|Opera Mini|mobile
  • Add exception - Value: magemobile