Magento Module Image Rotate

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  • Seamless integration into the Magento backend.
  • Very fast and convenient way to integrate 180 image rotate view.
  • This feature can be integrated in any part of the product page. You will just need to paste the following code in the place where you want it to show up <?php echo $this-<getChildHtml ('') ?>
  • Host everything on your own servers - no recurring fees.
  • Works on browsers both with and without HTML5.
  • Backend management.
  • No server side scripts required - all client based.
  • Continuously tested on all major browsers and devices.
  • Works with all Magento versions from 1.7.x to 1.9.x versions
Use this incredible 180 viewer in different locations on your website. MKMAGE Image Rotate Module for Magento is a an extension that can be used to integrate advanced 180 product views to your images.